Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Studio Visit: Patricia Thorton

Lucky for me, Patricia Thorton's studio and mine are in the same building (The Ceretana) which made for an excellent, impromptu studio visit. Part of our agenda at Artmelt is to promote artists we like, believe in, support, and make sure you all know about them. Patricia is one of them. She has been making lots of art since moving to Missoula. Her imagery reflects a cartoon and comic style that is abstract, layered, patterned, and holds a simple elegance. Her works are brightly colored (usually lots of pink) and contain her own invented characters, she is most known for her character Manny. Not only is she a great image maker but she also curates and organizes art shows at the Ceretana Art Gallery and the Catalyst. Find a bunch more images after the jump.